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    by Published on 05-12-2017 11:38 AM

    There are two words that are probably more fun to say than 99.9% of other words in the English language. What are they?

    I'm Batman.

    There is hardly any time when it is inappropriate to say those two words. I'm thinking they would be out of place at funerals and other times of severe sorrow, but otherwise, game on.

    Someone with too much time on his hands assembles what claims to be the ultimate "I'm Batman" compilation. Personally I have my doubts, and to fill four minutes the author strayed a little bit from people saying "I'm Batman," which diminishes it a bit in my opinion.

    But none of that matters. I can guarantee with almost metaphysical certitude that at some point in the next 12 hours, even if you don't watch the video above, and even if it's only in a room all by yourself, you will say in a rough and gravelly voice, "I'm Batman." Such is the power of those two words.
    by Published on 05-12-2017 11:35 AM
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    Well, it could work... but I'm not sure why you would want one. OK let me back up.

    One of our customers asked if there were a cellular booster that boosted Bluetooth signals instead of cell signals. That way, you could leave your phone on the charger, or leave it where the cell signal ...
    by Published on 05-11-2017 09:59 AM
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    Make no mistake, DIRECTV is adding a ton of new 4K content, especially sports. Hardly a week goes by without a new announcement of 4K sports content on its channel 106, which is the 4K events channel. I've been watching a lot of 4K baseball and it's awesome.

    The problem is, you wouldn't know about ...
    by Published on 05-11-2017 09:39 AM
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    Get ready for the next generation. Televes' antennas combine high quality and clean amplification with advanced features. That means you get an antenna "like the ones they used to make..." designed to last for years but with the latest and greatest features.

    Last year's Televes antennas blew me away, but this year, the line is completely updated. The new UHF/VHF DATBOSS Mix from Televes is the successor to the DAT790 Mix. It looks very much like the older antenna, but with grey plastic instead of white. However, it's been refined inside and out for better reception.

    The antenna is designed for better performance on the outer edges of its beam width, so that pointing is easier and signals from different directions come in more clearly. The biggest change, however, is Televes' proprietary T-Force manufacturing process which means cleaner, more efficient electronics. This means more unamplified gain -- up to 10dB more than last year's model in tests -- and amplified gain that was literally off the charts. In fact the amplifier was so strong that auto-gain-control kicked in on signals from 60 miles away. Of course it still maintains class-leading LTE filtering.

    The new antenna is available NOW at Solid Signal, but before you check it out... read our review of the DATBOSS Mix, which gives all the details. If you need UHF and VHF performance in an antenna that will last a decade or more easily, check out the new DATBOSS Mix!
    by Published on 05-11-2017 09:26 AM
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    This morning, Engadget reported that AT&T's bid for Straight Path Communications, thought to be ironclad, was trounced by an unnamed competitor, thought to be Verizon. AT&T had put $1.6 billion on the table for the small communications company, which owns several key licenses thought to be important for the ...
    by Published on 05-11-2017 09:07 AM
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    In Throwback Thursday, we're looking back at the articles we're most proud of from the first ten years of The Solid Signal Blog, as well as other old stuff we think is super-neato.

    Could it have been four years ago? I remember it as if it were only three. Back at the end of 2013, I found a great article detailing the biggest tech fails of the year. Back then, everyone (myself included) was grousing about Windows and how Microsoft had failed its customers. But there were other fails too, including a high-end Chromebook (that seems so silly now) and some sort of motion-sensor technology for the desktop that I don't even remember.

    Check it out, and leave a comment here with your memories of the biggest tech fails you remember!
    by Published on 05-10-2017 04:40 PM
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    Yeah, that. Obviously everyone knows that a footprint is the print left by a foot. But, when we're talking about satellite TV, a footprint is something a bit different.

    In satellite terms, the footprint is the area of the planet where a particular satellite signal can be received.

    This is the footprint of a DIRECTV satellite that serves several cities in the midwest including Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Detroit (courtesy iamanedgecutter.com.) If you're inside this yellow shape, you can get those signals. If you're not, you can't.

    Some satellite beams have a "CONUS" or continental US footprint while others, like the one in the picture, cover only a certain area and are referred to as "spot beams."

    Why is this important? If you're in an RV or yacht and you travel outside the satellite footprint for the channel you want, you lose that channel. While satellite signals can be fairly precisely aimed, it's still hard to be super-precise when you're aiming from 22,000 miles away. Most spot beam footprints extend out about 150 miles from the center give or take, and national "CONUS" beams extend about 100 miles from the shore.
    by Published on 05-10-2017 03:32 PM
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    DIRECTV's AIM Meter is THE satellite meter to use if you're serious about aiming DIRECTV dishes. It's the only one approved for installer use, the only one that will aim the new generation of SWM-enabled dishes, and having used one I can tell you that it makes installation easier than any other meter on the market.

    One of our distributors recently made me aware of new upgrade procedures for the meter. Unlike other meters, the AIM can be upgraded by downloading new firmware onto a flash drive. The procedure is easy if you know the steps. Professional DIRECTV installers already have this information.

    In the interest of helping the dedicated amateurs out there, here's a link to that same document so that you can properly upgrade your meter.
    by Published on 05-10-2017 12:38 PM
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    Note: The Ken Reid TV Guidance Counselor Podcast is rated PG-13 and may contain mild language.

    I'm Ken Reid, a stand up comedian from Boston, MA and a life long television fan. I've been twice nominated as the Best Stand up in Boston and I have been featured on Comedy Central, NPR, Nerdist, and MSN. I ...
    by Published on 05-10-2017 09:07 AM
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    Cards on the table, traditional broadcast TV has never been terribly good in the summer. But, let's be honest, it's gotten better. Why? Because streaming apps showed the big networks that if you put out quality programming, people will come. That upended almost 100 years of thought from the major broadcasters who believed that people spend most of their ...
    by Published on 05-09-2017 03:22 PM
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    After a long day of driving, it's nice to settle in for some satellite TV. You probably know that there are systems for every price range, depending on how much work you want to do to get that satellite signal into the RV, and you probably know that Solid Signal is the leading dealer of DIRECTV and DISH satellite systems. ...

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