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  • How hot is too hot for a DIRECTV receiver?

    A lot of DIRECTV receivers and DVRs are noticeably hot to the touch. Is that something to worry about?

    The quick answer is no. It has been years since a DIRECTV receiver really suffered from poor ventilation. DIRECTV receivers are actually baked in ovens at DIRECTV's testing facilities to make sure that they can perform at any temperature.

    From the tiny C31 Genie Client to the largest DIRECTV receiver yet made, the HR21Pro, every box has at least one temperature sensor. If you're curious, Press and hold {INFO} on your DIRECTV-supplied remote and choose "More System Info." Scroll down and you'll see the internal temperature of the device. Most DVRs are ok to operate under 128 degrees; receivers and the Genie Client each have their own threshhold temperature.

    You don't have to worry about these temperatures; the device will do it for you. If your DVR gets too hot, it will shut down automatically and the fan will run full speed until it cools down. In the very rare case of a receiver overheating, it will shut down and simply refuse to turn on until it cools.

    Of course, you can help by making sure that your DIRECTV equipment is a well-ventilated space and that any vent holes are not covered. I have been to friends' houses who covered their HR20 DVRs (which have vent holes on the top) with a placemat to make them look better. These friends couldn't understand why their DVR would restart with some regularity.

    By the way, if you're curious about where the idea for this article comes from, click here.

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    1. russahouse's Avatar
      russahouse -
      Being a regular guy and not a technical resource, I believed the DIRECTV tech when he said my HR21 was running too hot at 108 F. Since then I've kept a decent fan running across the receiver and it stays below 100 F in our built in TV enclosure.
    1. Stuart Sweet's Avatar
      Stuart Sweet -
      That's not going to hurt it... I did the same with my first HR20. Heat kills these boxes, but really they do a good job of self-monitoring. On a hot day, I had one box reach 135 and it rebooted itself and ran the fan hard until it cooled.