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    by Published on 10-16-2017 08:17 AM
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    I'm not a doctor, but I blog like I play one on TV. How's that for a disclaimer?

    The truth is I don't know. And no one else does either. What I do know is that today's cell phones put out less power than they ever did before, about 1/100th of those 1980s behemoths.

    There is a lot of common sense involved here. We know that cell phones give off radiation. We know that radiation will hurt you. So it should follow that a cell phone next to your head should hurt you, right? Truth is, the amount of radiation given off by a cell phone is less than you would get from the sun on a bright day.

    So far there is no conclusive study either way, although it seems like both sides have their own studies to back up their own points of view.

    If you are worried about a cell phone cooking your brain, use a bluetooth headset. It puts out far less radiation than a cell phone. Or, use a wired headset; it puts out essentially no radiation at all.
    by Published on 10-15-2017 10:46 AM
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    UPDATED FOR 2017

    Here's the simplest answer I can give you. If your Genie DVR is wide and flat, it only lets you stream to 3 HD boxes at a time. If it's tall and triangular, it lets you stream 5 HD boxes and 2 4K boxes at a time.

    It doesn't matter if they are C61s, C51s, C41s, C31s, wireless Genie Mini Clients, other DIRECTV receivers or DVRs, DIRECTV-ready TVs, whatever. Three is the magic number for the older Genies. For the Genie 2, it's 5+2.

    What happens if you have more than that? They just don't work, not at all. You'll pay for them, and DIRECTV will let you do that, and you won't be able to use them while other clients are in use.

    So, here's the bottom line: Regardless of what you "can" have, you probably only want to get 3 clients for the older Genie and 7 clients for the Genie 2.

    Shop now for DIRECTV equipment at Solid Signal!
    by Published on 10-15-2017 10:13 AM
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    Charging sucks. Literally. It sucks power from the wall and stores it. That's how your battery becomes useful. That's all well and good but none of us likes to stand there and wait while our batteries charge, especially if trapped in an airport for ...
    by Published on 10-13-2017 11:56 AM
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    DIRECTV is the perfect add-on for a tailgating party. And if you're going to watch DIRECTV over satellite, you'll need a dish. The good news is that kits like the one above are inexpensive, and with a little practice you'll get really good at setting them up. ...
    by Published on 10-13-2017 11:42 AM
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    This article originally ran in 2013. The answer has changed since then.

    You've seen those DIRECTV commercials where they walk from room to room and start the program at the same place they left it? Have you tried to do this and found it didn't work?

    Here's the step you're missing:

    When you play back a program in the first room and you want to move to the second room, first press {STOP} or {EXIT} to leave the program you're playing back.

    Then, when you go to the second room, press {LIST}, highlight the program you want, and press {PLAY}. It's that easy!

    If you are on a Genie system, you can also do the same thing with live programming. Turn off the Genie DVR or the client you're watching, then move to another room and turn on that box within about 3 minutes. You'll find that the full live buffer is available on that box, so you can rewind to a point before you came into the room!

    Back in 2013, you could simply turn off the Genie DVR and go to a client within 3 minutes. Unfortunately this feature was disabld to help newer Genie DVRs meet ever more stringent Energy Star requirements.

    However, you can still pause live TV in one room and start it again in another,
    with one extra step. In the room you're watching in, start the program recording by pressing the {R} button on the remote. Then, turn off the TV in that room. When you get to the other room, go to the playlist and you can play the program from the point where you started recording it. Delete the recording when you're done.
    by Published on 10-12-2017 12:13 PM
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    Wireless charging isn't new... despite what Apple wants to tell you. If you're an Android user you probably already have a phone that does it. If you've been to Starbucks, you may have already used it since many of their stores have wireless chargers built into the tables. In fact, wireless charging ...
    by Published on 10-12-2017 11:48 AM
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    QAM is the technology cable companies use to send digital TV to your home. Cable companies are unique in using this technology, which dates back to the 1980s. Satellite TV companies use DSS technology and fiber companies (Verizon, AT&T, etc.) use TCP/IP for the same purpose.

    One of the unique things about ...

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