• NICE AND EASY: How many Genie Mini Clients can I have?

    UPDATED FOR 2017

    Here's the simplest answer I can give you. If your Genie DVR is wide and flat, it only lets you stream to 3 HD boxes at a time. If it's tall and triangular, it lets you stream 5 HD boxes and 2 4K boxes at a time.

    It doesn't matter if they are C61s, C51s, C41s, C31s, wireless Genie Mini Clients, other DIRECTV receivers or DVRs, DIRECTV-ready TVs, whatever. Three is the magic number for the older Genies. For the Genie 2, it's 5+2.

    What happens if you have more than that? They just don't work, not at all. You'll pay for them, and DIRECTV will let you do that, and you won't be able to use them while other clients are in use.

    So, here's the bottom line: Regardless of what you "can" have, you probably only want to get 3 clients for the older Genie and 7 clients for the Genie 2.

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    1. HoTat2's Avatar
      HoTat2 -
      Actually Stuart, from what I understand ...

      The situation with the Genie 2 (or the "tall and triangular one") is a bit more confusing.

      If at least two of the clients are the C61 or C61K models, then you may steam up to all seven clients at a time irrespective of the models of the other five. Since the C61(K)s have MoCA 2.0 capability. (Only two of which may be 4K streams to any two C61Ks of course).

      If the client models are all below the C61 (and this includes the wireless C41W), the G2 can only stream up to five at any one time due to their lower MoCA 1.1 bandwidth limitation.
    1. Stuart Sweet's Avatar
      Stuart Sweet -
      I've heard similar, but since DIRECTV doesn't distinguish between brands of Genie clients, it's a little hard to put an all C61 household into practice