• GenieGo -- now with out-of-home streaming

    DIRECTV's GenieGo continues to amaze. This little box may have lived a humble life under the radar back in 2012, it's been full steam ahead in 2013. First, the little transcoder added streaming inside the home to its repertoire and then finally saw a long-awaited Android app. Now, starting today GenieGo becomes a full-featured streaming device with out-of-home streaming, just like a Slingbox.

    This feature is limited to the PC and iOS versions of GenieGo today, but it will soon be rolled out to Mac and Android users.

    If you're familiar with GenieGo's in-home streaming, you'll understand out-of-home streaming immediately. The procedure is just the same. Simply select a program from your playlist, tap "Watch Now" and boom, that's it! Within seconds you will be watching content from your home DVR. Live TV? No problem. Simply use DIRECTV's app for iPhone or DIRECTV.com to record something taking place right now, and within a minute or two it will show up in GenieGo's playlist, ready to watch.

    With out-of-home streaming, GenieGo surpasses Slingboxes which can only stream. This is the only device that gives you the option of preloading content if you think you'll be outside internet range or streaming it instantly. Because GenieGo gives you the choice of streaming or playing back pre-transcoded material, it makes it easier than ever for more than one person to enjoy your content while you're on the road!

    Click below for screencaps of GenieGo in action!

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    1. PhoenixAZ's Avatar
      PhoenixAZ -
      Its only supported on WiFi networks right now, no 4G yet. And it doesn't support my Android phone, looks like I need to upgrade.
    1. Stuart Sweet's Avatar
      Stuart Sweet -
      I know that it's hard to believe, given how long it took to get an Android client in the first place, but I'm told that Android support for out-of-home is not far off.

      And actually, the bandwidth requirements for out-of-home streaming are actually fairly low -- you just need a sustained 1.5Mbps connection.