• Customize your DIRECTV Genie easily with two button presses

    Managing your DIRECTV DVR just got a whole lot easier with the addition of menu shortcuts. These shortcuts should be available on every Genie DVR and client and unlike earlier press-and-hold efforts from DIRECTV, these are a lot easier to manage and will even work with universal remotes.

    It's easy... just press the {MENU} button followed by a number. That's all there is to it... you get easy two-button access to almost all the key functions, and with one or two more button presses you can really dive in deep to the settings you love to personalize. Here's the whole list:

    Menu 0. Settings
    Menu 1. Movies
    Menu 2. Sports
    Menu 3. TV Shows
    Menu 4. Smart Search
    Menu 5. On Demand
    Menu 6. Playlist
    Menu 7. Manage Recordings
    Menu 8. YouTube
    Menu 9. Pandora

    From there, you're only a button press away from your to do list, series manager, or tens of thousands of downloadable movies and shows. This is a feature that DIRECTV folks have been wishing for since the mid-2000s when many of us migrated from the old DIRECTV TiVo DVR which had very similar menu codes.

    Personally my only issue is why they wasted an option on the playlist when that's already a button on the remote. I don't mind, but I know there's a Solid Signal fan or two who wishes they used that combination to toggle picture-in-picture.

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    1. MysteryMan's Avatar
      MysteryMan -
      I'm wondering what they have in store for Menu 8 now that YouTube is going away?
    1. Kizersosay28's Avatar
      Kizersosay28 -
      Does this come with a specific software update? I am not able to do this on my HR44-500 with the latest software version X99C (eastern) from December. I know that receivers in Central time received an update in april.
    1. Stuart Sweet's Avatar
      Stuart Sweet -
      I think it should be rolling out to all receivers. I don't know what version will be necessary.
    1. PhoenixAZ's Avatar
      PhoenixAZ -
      Quote Originally Posted by MysteryMan View Post
      I'm wondering what they have in store for Menu 8 now that YouTube is going away?
      PIP toggle please!

      Also, there is no need for MENU+6 as there is already LIST button on the remote.

      Better yet, make the DASH button a PIP toggle, then put the SWIM screen under MENU+6 or 8.

      And haven't these shortcuts been around for a while now?
    1. Tremmurph's Avatar
      Tremmurph -
      Nice tips. BTW, anyone know how to move the progress bar to the top of the TV screen? I thought this was possible?
    1. Stuart Sweet's Avatar
      Stuart Sweet -
      I'm afraid it's not possible.
    1. Tremmurph's Avatar
      Tremmurph -
      Thanks for the info. One other note, I just got the Genie Gen 3 set up this week and I tried the tip mentioned in this blog but it doesn't appear to work.