• Viacom pulls its own programming from its own web site

    Thanks to Signal Group Forums member VOS for this information.

    In a bizarre marketing move, Viacom has now pulled its own programming from its own web site. The screen capture above comes courtesy of thedailyshow.com, which normally hosts a feed of the most recent new broadcast of the Viacom/Comedy Central fake news show.

    In a head-scratching move, Viacom has apparently restricted access to its own programming. This may be due to DIRECTV pointing out that there are "Other Ways to Watch" this same programming. There are two problems with this:

    First of all, the same programming is available for free at hulu.com. Presumably, it would be a breach of contract for Viacom to take it off that web site, and so it will probably stay there.

    Second of all, is that really how you prove to people that your programming is worthwhile... by keeping it from them? This move is sure to anger those people who go looking for this programming and they're not going to blame DIRECTV. How can they? Viacom owns this content and owns this web site.

    This sort of "take my ball and go home" strategy does not make Viacom look good at all.

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    1. Stuart Sweet's Avatar
      Stuart Sweet -
      OK, folks, help me out. How does this make any sense to anyone?
    1. MartyS's Avatar
      MartyS -
      None of this makes any sense at all. Viacom seems to be in a ****ing contest with themselves. they're really cutting off their noses to spite their face.

      Right now, as much as I'll miss the daily show, I really don't care if Viacom comes to an agreement with Directv. And if they block the shows from their own websites, well shame on them. They have 2 shows that they actually make money on, and that's not worth what they're asking for, in my opinion.
    1. WERA689's Avatar
      WERA689 -
      Quote Originally Posted by SS@SolidSignal View Post
      OK, folks, help me out. How does this make any sense to anyone?
      Incredibly stupid move on Viacom's part! Comedy Central is the only one of their channels that holds even the remotest interest to me, and for them to hold their entire channel package hostage during this dispute is absolutely the dumbest possible move they could have made. Way to kill viewer interest, Viacom! I picture them shooting off their foot with a Howitzer now...why not just turn off the power in their broadcast center?
    1. spartanstew's Avatar
      spartanstew -
      Might as well make all their customers mad at them, not just the DirecTV customers.
    1. NR4P's Avatar
      NR4P -
      Makes no sense whatsoever. Some genius must think this will force Directv subs to put pressure on Directv to cave in. Viacom has so little original programming, I don't know how they think they are so valuable.