• THROWBACK THURSDAY: When people didn't stream

    In Throwback Thursday, we're looking back at the articles we're most proud of from the first ten years of The Solid Signal Blog.

    We all stream now. There's no magic in showing a video on your phone anymore. And yes, we can all remember when that was an interesting and novel thing to do. But did you realize that just four years ago, 75% of people didn't stream video from their cable or satellite provider? FOUR YEARS AGO!

    Here's the proof: I wrote about it at the time. Solid Signal Blog - TV Everywhere? Doesn't seem like it.

    Today we absolutely take it for granted that we can stream what we want, when we want. DIRECTV lets you live stream from your satellite receiver and also offers over 100 channels and 10,000 on demand programs right to your phone. DISH also allows live streaming and placeshifting. Can 2013 be so far away that the world has changed so much?

    Sure can. Here's another fun fact -- YouTube started in 2005. That's right, twelve years ago. That was basically the beginning of all streaming video, and before that ... we had VHS tapes, I guess. It's getting harder and harder to remember a world where nothing was online, when you had to actually go somewhere to watch something, when the whole world wasn't available 24/7 in your pocket.

    It's absolutely impossible to imagine what things will look like five or twelve years from now, it's just mind-boggling.

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