• DIRECTV HR34 quietly updated overnight

    DIRECTV's HR34 Super DVR got a little bump last night in the form of an update that addresses behind-the-scenes issues. The update was automatic, although you may have gotten a message this morning when you turned it on.

    According to DIRECTV sources, here's what's been updated:
    • Pandora
    • YouTube landing page
    • Channel Change Animation
    • 2 sec banner timeout option
    • TVApps in Extras menu
    • Autostandby for Energy Star
    • My DIRECTV improvements
    • Increased CC Font Size
    • Ratings Unlock default changed
    • Network auto-connect
    • Performance optimizations
    • UI updates

    Admittedly, these don't seem like "barn-burner" improvements, but we're seeing some changes here. HR34 finally gets the slimmed down progress bar that we've seen in the other DVRs for months, as well as all the other improvements found in that cycle.

    You'll see Pandora, finally, as well as an improved power saving mode that can be turned off if need by. Connecting to the network is easier and if you were having problems with the iPad app and your HR34, those should be gone too.

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    1. Bill Van's Avatar
      Bill Van -
      This is a might fine update in my opinion which I have been anticipating for quite some time. The huge obtrusive progress bar constantly reminded me how much I wanted to see this update. And receiving Pandora on my main whole home DVR and sound system makes everything that much better. It will be interesting checking out all the new enhancements over the next several days. I did find it interesting that the software version 0x57c did not change with this release.