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    by Published on 09-11-2017 09:50 AM
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    Call it a slow news day. I got this press release from AT&T and I figured I would share it with you. Randall Stephenson is "the top person" at AT&T, and anytime he speaks, he's going to make some sort of wave, even if it's not a very big one. This time tomorrow he'll be speaking at something called the "Goldman Sachs Communicopia Conference" which sounds like a great excuse for very wealthy people to get together and use all sorts of acronyms none of us understand.

    But hey, if you're bored you might want to check it out. I'll share the press release with you all and you can see if it's your cup of tea. Nice thing is... it's free, at least to listen. I have to imagine you'd pay a lot if you actually went.

    AT&T will webcast a presentation by Randall Stephenson, AT&T Inc. chairman and chief executive officer, at the 26th Annual Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference in New York City on Tuesday, Sept. 12. The event is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. ET.

    The webcast will be available live and for replay at AT&T Investor Relations. We recommend viewers start the webcast a few minutes before the planned start time in case the conference schedule changes.
    by Published on 09-10-2017 11:09 AM
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    I don't blame you if you want all new hardware. Then again I don't blame DIRECTV for refurbishing receivers and sending them out again. The average receiver can be used in an average scenario for 5-8 years but a lot of receivers are returned after only two, either because a contract has come up or because the customer upgrades it. If DIRECTV didn't have a refurbishing program, costs for receivers would be sky-high, and remember that most DIRECTV hardware goes out to customers at low or no cost.

    Unfortunately, paying full price to get a DIRECTV box doesn't guarantee it won't be a refurb. In some cases, there is nothing out there but refurbished hardware, and in some cases there is just so much refurbished hardware out there that it's not likely you'll get something "new." DIRECTV doesn't even distinguish between new and refurbished hardware in inventory, which makes it hard for Solid Signal to be sure of what you'll get, short of looking at the actual manufacturing stickers on the receivers themselves.

    As of this writing, in September 2017, these are the only DIRECTV receivers that are going out new at all (and there is still a chance of getting a refurb:

    HS17 "Genie 2" Home Server DVR
    HR54 "Genie" DVR
    C61 Genie Mini Client
    C61K 4K Genie Mini Client

    I'm not saying you WILL get a new receiver if you choose one of those parts, only that if you choose any other receiver you're definitely getting a refurb. This includes all the other DVRs offered by DIRECTV, even the HR44 Genie.

    If you get a refurbished box, this doesn't automatically mean it's bad. In fact most refurbished hardware from DIRECTV lives long and happy lives after being refurbished. If there were a huge epidemic of bad refurbs out there, DIRECTV would be losing money and losing customers. It wouldn't be worth it. Sure, there are sometimes a few clunkers but if this happens, usually the hardware can be replaced without cost to you if it happens soon after activation. At any rate it's going to be less than $20 to replace a broken receiver at any point in its life, due to the lease structure DIRECTV employs.

    If you get hardware from DIRECTV, look for a sticker that has the model number. If the model number (usually something like HR54-500) has an R or a NC after it, that's a refurbished box. Most of the time that sticker is the only way you can tell for sure.
    by Published on 09-08-2017 12:32 PM
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    The internet is abuzz with news of the DIRECTV Genie 2. It's DIRECTV's latest gamechanger DVR, with the ability to store over 450 hours of HD content and support two 4K TVs at once. It does other tricks, too.

    If you're thinking of upgrading to this new DVR, you may be asking if ...
    by Published on 09-08-2017 10:47 AM
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    It's finally here!

    This weekend is the start of the NFL season and you know what that means.... free NFL Sunday Ticket for all DIRECTV subscribers this weekend!

    DIRECTV's NFL Sunday Ticket package lets you watch or stream every game, every Sunday. Use your TV for big-screen action or take it with you on an Android or Apple device. You don't have to miss a minute!

    If you're sucked into all the action, you can still sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket. It's easy to do. Our Signal Professionals can add the package for you on Monday, just call them at 877.312.4547. You can choose the base package which gives you TV and streaming, all in HD, or the MAX package which piles on the goodness with the Fantasy Zone Channel, Player Tracker app, and Red Zone Channel. With NFL Sunday Ticket MAX, it's practically impossible to miss a play!

    Let's face it... Sundays are made for football. You've been waiting all year for this. Don't wait any longer... take the free preview if you want but really, you're better off avoiding the rush and simply signing up today!
    by Published on 09-07-2017 03:34 PM
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    In Throwback Thursday, we're looking back at the articles we're most proud of from the first ten years of The Solid Signal Blog, as well as other old stuff we think is super-neato.

    One of the really good things about AT&T's deal taking on DIRECTV ...
    by Published on 09-07-2017 12:36 PM
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    It's a simple part that goes along your coaxial line and stops power surges. It sounds like a slam dunk, especially since consumer-grade ones are pretty cheap. But is it really something you need to add to your antenna or satellite line?

    In general, ...
    by Published on 09-06-2017 12:22 PM
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    These talks are usually boring financials... but for those who are interested, Mr. John Stankey, is giving a presentation tomorrow that just might glean a few tidbits of knowledge. Mr. Stankey supervised the integration of DIRECTV into AT&T and is currently AT&T's Senior Executive Vice President tasked ...
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