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Thread: TELEVES Dat Boss MIX 149483

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    TELEVES Dat Boss MIX 149483

    I was originally going to purchase a Televes DAT790 mix but after looking at all the specs I am now trying to locate their Dat Boss Mix (149483). I believe this will better suit my needs as I am in the north Georgia mountains, about 80 miles from Atlanta .
    Does anyone know when it will be available ?

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    That antenna isn't headed to the US. Our DAT790 Mix is the same antenna with US specs. If you are 80 miles from the towers, it's really hard to say what channels you'll get. If there are hills in the way, you may get nothing. If you are interested in trying an antenna, I'd recommend the DAT 790 LR Mix, which is the strongest long range amplified antenna we sell.

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    Keep looking at this blog for more information about upcoming Televes products!


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