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Thread: Looking for some antenna suggestions

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    Thanks Stuart!

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    This antenna is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!! I still didn't get the antenna up to the roof but I put it on a 10' price of rigid aluminium conduit and temporarily mounted it on my back deck. Not only did I get WTAJ that is needed in football season I also got WATM which has ABC and Fox both now I get 15 channels consisting of ABC CBS PBS NBC and Fox. I don't know when I get it to the roof and add a rotor if I could get more or not. This is really good considering my tvfool report, and antenna web says I would only get WPSU

    My mother in law just ordered one from SS We really can not afford Direct anymore. Good bye Direct had them for about 20+ years

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    I have another question is the white amp that comes with the antenna a distribution amp? I have been checking out the mast amp televes has. Would that give me a little more boost for my fringe channels? Is the outdoor mast amp better cause its cloister to the antenna?

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    If you're talking about this piece that comes with the antenna:

    That is just the power supply. The preamplifier is located in the antenna itself. There is an internal 1x2 splitter in it. . Televes does make a distribution amplifier that looks very similar, they save money by reusing the same case for many components.

    This is the distribution amp:

    Televes TV Antenna Distribution Amp 5-Port with LTE Filtering (552380) from Solid Signal

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    Thanks. So a pre amp on the mast wouldn't help?

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    The antenna is already amplified. The only reason to add another mast preamplifier would be if the antenna was more than 200 feet from the TV.

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    OK thanks

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    I have another question, I have one channel (WTAJ) that is hit and miss for keeping locked in. in early morning hours it runs great, at day break and all day long it gets worse and worse.

    I was reading about antenna stacking, would that help me at all? If so what would be good to stack with the Televes DAT790LR Mix. I am so close to turning of the sat TV but I really would like to try to get this last channel better.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    It's really hard to know if stacking would help without knowing what is causing the problem. If it's a matter of the heat of the day making it harder for signals to get through (unlikely in most parts of the country this time of year) then stacking might help. If it's a matter of a tree or other obstruction that is really only a problem during the day, it won't help.

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    I guess I fully do not understand the tree, since it would be there night and day? but there is a tree close that I plan on taking down.


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