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Thread: Looking for some antenna suggestions

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    Thanks Stuart!

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    This antenna is awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!! I still didn't get the antenna up to the roof but I put it on a 10' price of rigid aluminium conduit and temporarily mounted it on my back deck. Not only did I get WTAJ that is needed in football season I also got WATM which has ABC and Fox both now I get 15 channels consisting of ABC CBS PBS NBC and Fox. I don't know when I get it to the roof and add a rotor if I could get more or not. This is really good considering my tvfool report, and antenna web says I would only get WPSU

    My mother in law just ordered one from SS We really can not afford Direct anymore. Good bye Direct had them for about 20+ years

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    I have another question is the white amp that comes with the antenna a distribution amp? I have been checking out the mast amp televes has. Would that give me a little more boost for my fringe channels? Is the outdoor mast amp better cause its cloister to the antenna?

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    If you're talking about this piece that comes with the antenna:

    That is just the power supply. The preamplifier is located in the antenna itself. There is an internal 1x2 splitter in it. . Televes does make a distribution amplifier that looks very similar, they save money by reusing the same case for many components.

    This is the distribution amp:

    Televes TV Antenna Distribution Amp 5-Port with LTE Filtering (552380) from Solid Signal

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    Thanks. So a pre amp on the mast wouldn't help?

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    The antenna is already amplified. The only reason to add another mast preamplifier would be if the antenna was more than 200 feet from the TV.

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    OK thanks


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