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Thread: Looking for some antenna suggestions

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    Those are power inserters. I know they look like the Televes distribution amplifier but they are just power inserters. The Televes antennas have the amps built into the balun assembly.

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    Thanks again for the clarification, and thanks for being patient, I have lots to learn!

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    Did you ever end up buying an antenna?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Sweet View Post
    Did you ever end up buying an antenna?
    Sorry Stuart, I have not been on this site for a while. I purchased a DAT790 LR Mix (149881) first from solid signal. It work fairly well at 10 foot above my roof, but I would lose two channels every now and then. Then I got a crazy idea to add another antenna, the DAT790 Mix (149841) well, that didn't do anything to help. So I raised my antenna up 20 feet above my roof and for the most part all channels work great.

    All but two channels peg my signal meter. The two hardest to get before bounce between 3 and 6 bars, the picture stays on until there are zero bars. max number of bars is 6 .

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