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Thread: Coax Lines to Combiner- Exact Lengths?

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    Coax Lines to Combiner- Exact Lengths?

    This concerns the Xtreme Signal HDB8X, although really "in general". I understand the need for precisely matched phase lines when connecting sections of an antenna, or 2 matching antennas together. That's easy. But when connecting 2 antennas (or halves) thru a splitter/combiner- is 1" a critical issue when the 2 cables are 3 ft., and 2' 11"? I suspect a yes to that, although I'd think a different factor involved, even IF unequal gain is still the end result. (crapshoot- capacitance, inductance? One of them "tances". Ha)

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    Yes, the lengths really need to be equal if they are aimed in the same direction. If they are aimed in two different directions it's less of an issue.

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