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Thread: Need antenna help

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    I would be happy to help you get a professional recommendation. If you post your zip code I can recommend one for you or, if you want something from our professionals, click here: Get TV Antenna Help -

    No charge, and you don't have to buy what they recommend.

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    Sure. It's 72712. Thanks.

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    Well that is a tough one. Your PBS station, in addition to being in the VHF High range, also comes from a completely different direction. That means that if you get a traditional antenna you have to hope the signals come in from the back.

    I have two suggestions, and we can talk about which one you think is better. It's hard to make promises in your situation but obviously you did get reception before.

    Antop UFO Smartpass Amplified Outdoor Indoor HDTV Antenna (AT-414B) from Solid Signal
    This antenna is omnidirectional and says it should pick up channels from the distances you need. However the build quality is not superb and I don't know if it will work for you after 5 years or so. Also I don't know if the manufacturer's claims are accurate, as they are new to the US market.

    Winegard Heavy Duty Platinum VHF UHF FM HDTV Antenna (HD8200U) from Solid Signal
    This antenna is very powerful and although it isn't designed to pick up channels from in front and behind, if any antenna is going to pick up that distant PBS, this would be the one.

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    The PBS station is KAFT, and comes from the SE. Several other local stations come from the that general direction that we have no problem getting: KNWA, KHOG, KFSM.

    KAFT is at 165 degrees, 39 miles (some charts say 42)
    KHOG is 164 degrees, 25 miles
    KFSM 175 degrees, 38 miles
    KNWA is at 82 but is only 14 miles away.

    I noticed the various look-up's have different numbers, but these are close.
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    Did you ever end up buying an antenna?

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