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Thread: spec sheet please

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    spec sheet please

    Is spec sheet for this antenna showing size here please? Might be good antenna for me.

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    We don't have an official spec sheet, but here are the bullet points from the product page:

    • Mounts on the wall, in a window, or layed flat.
    • Latest technology allows silver elements to be printed onto a thin plastic sheet, giving you the strength of a bow-tie antenna squished in a flat easy to mount package
    • Hides nicely behind TV, A/V Equipment, or pictures
    • HD BLADE pulls in HD locals so you dont have to pay for them from your service provider
    • Outperforms many of the traditional style indoor antennas like rabbit ears
    • To make the HD BLADE Fit your custom installation, there is a 75 OHM Coax connection for you to connect your own RG6 cable to.
    • The Thinnest Indoor Hi-VHF / UHF Antenna That Actually Works!
    • The HD-BLADE does not include cable. Our techs recommend the ultra-thing Razor coax cables.
    • The chameleon of indoor antennas - Reversible design allows this antenna to blend into dark decors, or flip it to the white side for bright interior
    • Simply place the antenna where you get the best signal and run a channel-scan on your TV and start pulling in FREE HD channels
    • Includes 2 easy-mount patches for wall mount
    • HD BLADE measures 13 inches x 12 inches and is .017 inches thin
    • Built for high performance on High-VHF and UHF frequencies
    • Best suited for reception up to 25 miles from the television broadcast tower. Based on terrain and obstructions, antenna performance may vary. Proudly designed and made in the U.S.A.

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    can you put it behind your tv

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    Probably, but every installation is different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluetstub View Post
    can you put it behind your tv
    Quote Originally Posted by SS@SolidSignal View Post
    Probably, but every installation is different.
    What you probability don't want to do is to mount it behind a large metal object that blocks the TV signals.

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    Here's the official spec sheet:

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    is pretty to look at! good data also

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    this makes up my mind, I am ready to buy thanx


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