Thanks to Signal Labs member Bill Van for this tip.

As College Football season approaches, the big question for fans across the country is, "Will DIRECTV air the PAC-12 network?" This would seem to be an easy fit for DIRECTV, known nationwide as the leader in sports programming.

Luckily, the answer would seem to be yes.

Several news sites, most recently the Silicon Valley Mercury News claim that the two sides are close enough to a deal to guarantee that the Pac-12 Network will be seen in bars, restaurants and homes when the kickoff comes.

This is great news for everyone of course. Football season is big business for bars and restaurants and the Pac-12 is arguably the most interesting of the college sports conferences for many people. Pac-12 had already inked deals with Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, Brighthouse, Frontier, and other providers, but many of these companies are poorly represented in the West and none of them has a commercial program like DIRECTV's. Bars and restaurants that wanted to carry both Pac-12 and NFL Sunday Ticket will find themselves paying multiple bills (or being left out completely) if DIRECTV does not step up and carry Pac-12.

It does seem like a deal is imminent though, and we will keep you updated with news and information as it breaks!