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Thread: Solid Signal's Downloadable Tutorials and Reviews

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    Solid Signal's Downloadable Tutorials and Reviews

    Due to popular demand, we've consolidated all the links to tutorials, reviews, and guides here.
    Please note, since these documents have been written, some features or products may have changed.

    Where noted, some reviews originally appeared at or and are linked here by permission. All other documents are copyright and may be reproduced so long as copyright information and links are intact.

    This thread will be updated as new documents become available, so subscribe to get the news first!

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    Hands-On Reviews

    Antenna and antenna products
    Televes DATBOSS UHF Antenna
    Televes DATBOSS Mix UHF/VHF Antenna
    Televes DATBOSS LR UHF Antenna

    Televes DATBOSS LR Mix Long Range UHF/VHF Antenna

    Televes DigiNova BOSS UHF/VHF antenna
    Televes DAT790 UHF Antenna (Replaced by DATBOSS)
    Televes DAT790 "Mix" UHF/VHF Antenna (Replaced by DATBOSS Mix)
    Televes DAT790 LR Long-Range UHF Antenna (Replaced by DATBOSS LR)
    Televes DAT790 LR Mix Long-Range UHF/VHF Antenna (Replaced by DATBOSS LR Mix)
    Televes mast amplifiers
    Televes V Zenit UHF Antenna

    Xtreme Signal HDB2X
    Xtreme Signal HDB4X
    Xtreme Signal HDB8X
    Xtreme Signal HDB91X
    Winegard LNA200 Boost Amplifier

    Cellular Boosters
    SureCall EZCall Voice-Only Cellular Booster
    SureCall EZ4G Generation 2 Cell Booster
    SureCall Fusion4Home Cellular Signal Booster
    SureCall Flare Home/Office Cell Booster

    DIRECTV Equipment
    DIRECTV HR24 DVR and H24 Receiver
    DIRECTV H25 Receiver


    DIRECTV HR34 Genie DVR

    DIRECTV HR34 Genie with HD Menus
    Comparing HR34 and HR44 Genie DVRs
    DIRECTV HR44 Genie DVR
    DIRECTV H44 Genie Lite
    DIRECTV HR54 Genie DVR
    DIRECTV HS17 Genie 2 DVR

    DIRECTV C31 Genie Mini Client
    DIRECTV C41 Mini Genie Client
    DIRECTV C41W Wireless Mini Genie Client and Wireless Video Bridge
    DIRECTV C61K 4K Genie Mini Client

    AM21 Antenna Module for DIRECTV
    AM21N Antenna Module for DIRECTV
    SWM-Enabled SlimLine Dish
    DECA (generation I)
    DECA (generation II)
    DIRECTV 21-Tuner SWM LNB
    DIRECTV 4K-Ready Reverse Band 5 LNB
    DIRECTV SWM-16 Multiswitch
    DIRECTV DSWM30 Multiswitch
    Wireless Cinema Connection Kit (Broadband DECA)

    GenieGO (Nomad)
    DIRECTV GenieGO (Nomad) 2013 Update
    GenieGO Generation 2
    Mobile DVR for DIRECTV Genie DVRs

    DIRECTV Apps and Features
    2017 New "Genie GUI" for Genie DVRs
    4K For Commercial DIRECTV Customers
    DIRECTV Genie Recommends

    DIRECTV Mobile Apps with Voice Control
    DIRECTV App for iPad (Commercial Mode)
    DIRECTV Everywhere for PC and mobile devices
    DIRECTV HD User Interface
    DIRECTV Residential Experience

    Other Equipment
    Antennas Direct CoaxMax Cable Termination Kit
    Birdog USB Plus Satellite Meter

    Blumoo Bluetooth Remote Control System
    Brite-View PlugCAM
    Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Virtual Reality Headset
    Simple.TV Network DVR
    Solid Signal SATLOOKLITE Satellite Meter
    Technicolor MediaTune Commercial Solution
    Technicolor COM2000 headend system
    ZeeVee "Receiverless" Commercial DIRECTV solution

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    Diagrams and Tutorials

    20 Tuners connected to a SWM-16? It can be done!
    Adding a Mini Genie Client
    DIRECTV Remote Control Compatibility

    Basic Installation of a Genie DVR
    Installation of an HR54 Genie or H44 Genie Lite DVR

    Installing a Band Stop Filter
    Basic Coax Networking
    Cascading two SWM32 Multiswitches

    Installing a C41 Wireless Genie Client
    Installing a DECA Broadband (Cinema Connection Kit)
    Installing a DECA II on your DIRECTV receiver
    Installing a legacy (4-wire) DIRECTV dish
    Installing a SWM-enabled Slimline dish
    Installing a 4K Reverse Band LNB
    Installing a DSWM30 Multiswitch (Basic install)
    Installing a DSWM30 Multiswitch as a replacement for older SWM
    Installing a SWM-16 Multiswitch
    Installing a SWM-8 Multiswitch
    Installing a SWM-8 Multiswitch with a Round dish
    Installing a SWM-32 Multiswitch
    Installing a Wireless Cinema Connection Kit (Wireless Broadband DECA) Part 1
    Installing a Wireless Cinema Connection Kit (Wireless Broadband DECA) Part 2
    Installing an RVSATKIT Satellite Kit
    Upgrading to DSWM30 Multiswitch or DSWMLNB (Compatibility Matrix)

    Using a Cinema Connection Kit (Broadband DECA) to provide Ethernet to any room
    Using a Genie to provide internet to other DIRECTV Receivers

    DIRECTV Tutorials
    Enjoy Satellite TV in your RV!
    The Ultimate Guide" to Upgrading your DIRECTV system
    Choosing the right LNB for your DIRECTV dish
    Aiming Your Satellite Dish with the SatLookLite
    How to check Satellite Setup on your DIRECTV receiver
    How to connect a Genie Mini Client or DIRECTV Ready TV to your system
    A Guide to Upgrading to DIRECTV SWM Technology
    Using DIRECTV's Built-In-Self Tests on your receiver or DVR
    How to use both HD and SD outputs on an HD Receiver or DVR
    A Guide to upgrading your marine DIRECTV system
    DIRECTV Error Codes and Diagnostic Instructions

    A Guide to Coax Networking
    Advanced Coax Networking and Troubleshooting
    Advanced C41W Wireless Genie Mini Client Troubleshooting
    How far can you extend your DIRECTV system's cables?

    Using your DIRECTV Remote with your TV
    Programming your DIRECTV Remote for RF mode
    Advanced DIRECTV Remote Programming
    Setting up Pandora on your DIRECTV DVR

    Adding DIRECTV to your Bar or Restaurant

    Antenna Diagrams and Tutorials
    Frequently Asked Questions about Over-The-Air Antennas
    How to Combine Two Antennas
    Solid Signal HD-BLADE vs. Mohu Leaf
    Solid Signal HD-BLADE vs. Rabbit Ears
    Solid Signal HD-BLADE vs. Mohu Curve
    Solid Signal HD-BLADE vs. Clear TV
    Solid Signal generation 2 HD-BLADE vs. generation 1 HD-BLADE
    HDX Amplifier gain curve
    Solid Signal's Guide to Choosing an Antenna
    Understanding CEA Antenna Marks

    General Tutorials
    A Guide to Grounding
    A Guide to Mounting
    A Guide to Radio Frequency Bands
    A Guide to Making RG6 Cables

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    Coax Networking PDFs have been thoroughly updated!

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    Antenna Reviews and the review of COAXMAX have been added!

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    Updated with even more antenna tests!

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    Advanced C41W troubleshooting added!

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    Two new white papers: Extending your signal over hundreds of feet, and upgrading your yacht or marine vessel with DIRECTV!

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    Added our review of the COM2000 system!

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    New interactive guide to choosing a cell booster!


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